"Susan has taught piano to two of my children; one for four years, one for one year.  My older child has an ear for music and picks it up rather easily.  He has been challenged, all the while keeping his limitations in mind.  He continues to impress me with how he is able to play.  My younger child is dyslexic, and struggles with everything.  Susan has found a way to teach her far more than I ever expected after one year.  My daughter has finally found success in something.  Piano does not come easily to her at all, but she has been able to learn at her own pace and gain confidence.  Susan has treated each of my children as individuals, picking out music that suits each one.  I cannot thank her enough for the music that fills my house.  Susan, my children are better people because of you.  God bless."     Misti, Charlie and Lucy's Mom


"Our son has been studying piano for almost eight of his twelve years, the last three being under the instruction of Susan Berg.  He has made such improvement under Susan, and has learned so much more than he had under his previous teacher.  He is constantly challenged and encouraged by her, and strives to please her with his weekly performance.  Susan does an outstanding job of finding pieces that encompass not only musical techniques, but also capture her students' interests and showcase their capabilities.  The students are provided the opportunity to learn about a wide range of musical genres from all eras, as well as about the composers.  Music is an important part of our family and we thank Susan for the sweet melodies she has brought to our house. We look forward to her teaching our daughter when she reaches appropriate age.  May the Lord bless Susan as she has blessed us!"  Jennifer, Samuel's Mom 


 "I have never seen, or even heard of, a piano teacher as dedicated, talented, and conscientiously rigorous as you in my entire life.  We feel extremely grateful that you work with our kids.  You are able to foster an environment which inspires the students to have fun with the piano, but they know that it is also serious business and is not just another activity.  To me that combination - fun and intensity - is crucial for making anything worthwhile."  Father of 2 students

"So thankful for years of your music training!!! One parenting decision I will never regret."  Mother of 2 former students